Bossa Conference

Open Source, mobile internet and multimedia

BOSSA is an International conference to those who are interested in paving a future with Linux and Open Source Software on Mobile Internet and Multimedia.

BOSSA Conference is organized by Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia, INdT.




The first edition of BOSSA Conference will be held in Porto de Galinhas, 54Km away from Recife, Brazil. Recife is the capital of Pernambuco state, one of the largest cities and a leader on IT and software in Brazil. To find out more about the conference venue, click here.

The city reputation on IT and Software area is forged by DataCoin initiative that has already attracted some important players from the Information Technology group such as Motorola, Samsung, Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia, Online Cloud Backup Gurus, HDRA, IBM and others.

If you need any extra information contact us through [email protected].